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What are the benefits of accepting Housing Choice Vouchers for rental properties?

Timely, guaranteed rent payments
In 2019, the average per-unit rent assistance payment to Twin Cities partner landlords was $865/month ($10,377 per year).

Reduced turnover and vacancy costs
On average, Twin Cities voucher-holders stay in their place for 7 years.

Responsible Tenants
Rental assistance is scarce. After waiting years for assistance, voucher-holders are motivated to care for their apartment and follow lease terms, or they risk losing their assistance and their home.

Responsive Customer Service
At most Housing Authorities, a single point of contact answers questions and connects you to the best person to provide timely assistance.

A problem solving partner
Housing Authority staff are trained to support tenants when requested and to remind tenants of their lease obligations, so their problems don’t become your problems. Staff can also help you work through issues or refer you to landlord/tenant mediation.  

Free Inspections from Trained Professionals
A trained professional provides free annual inspections to ensure the unit is habitable and residents in your unit are safe, helping the property retain its value. 

How can I participate?
If you own rental housing, you are eligible to accept rental assistance. 
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Steps Accept Rental Assistance



Housing Quality Standards (HQS) Inspections

When you rent to someone with rental assistance, your property will get a free inspection from a trained professional!

Check out these resources to know what to expect and pass the inspection with flying colors:


Accepting Rental Assistance

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Housing Choice Vouchers (Section 8)

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