18 Ways to Ruin Your Life Renting an Apartment

Before you start searching for a place to rent, be aware of these 18 ways you can ruin your life renting an apartment.

1. Choosing a bad roommate

2. Paying your rent late

3. Not saving money for moving expenses

4. Not adding how much utilities and transportation will cost

5. Living far away from work

6. Not knowing your criminal, credit, and rental history

7. Paying an application fee without knowing 100% you will get approved

8. Not doing a walk-through of the apartment on move-in day

9. Not reading your lease COMPLETELY

10. Allowing people to live in the apartment who are not on the lease

11. Throwing loud parties and inviting poorly behaved guests

12. Using illegal substances or doing illegal activities in the apartment

13. Not communicating maintenance issues right away

14. Co-signing on someone else’s lease

15. Getting into conflict with other residents

16. Making changes to the apartment without the landlord’s permission

17. Not providing proper notice when you want to move out

18. Not completely cleaning your apartment when you move out

Avoid making these mistakes and you should have a good renting experience!

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