Twin Cities Rental Housing Trends

Twin Cities Rental Housing Trends displays month-over-month rental market trends for the seven-county Twin Cities Metro Area.

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About the data in Twin Cities Rental Trends

With metrics originating from our Minneapolis and St Paul Rental Housing Brief reports, the data powering Twin Cities Rental Housing Trends is drawn from HousingLink's proprietary market rent database.

Our Median Rents graph follows median rent in one- to three-bedroom rental units vacancies. Income Required to Rent a Home is based on based on the common landlord screening requirement that an applicant must earn 2.5 times the rent in income. See more about HousingLink rent data in this video.

Building Type

In this graph, we are showing the percent of available vacancies by each of three building types: apartment (multifamily), single family, and "other" (including duplex, condo, and townhome).

Tax Credit vs Market Rate
In this graph we look at median rents in one bedroom vacancies by each of three types of rental: tax credit/LIHTC units, market rate (i.e. non-subsidized) units, and units listed on housinglink.org.

Affordability by Income
This graph shows the percent of all private market vacancies affordable to each of five levels of area median income: 100%, 80%, 60%, 50%, and 30%. Area Median Income is $73,500 for an individual and $104,900 for a family of four in the Twin Cities Metro (HUD, 2021).To learn more about how HousingLink calculates affordability by area median income, watch this video.

NOAH & Section 8
In Number of NOAH Vacancies by Bedroom, we are showing the count of one- to three-bedroom vacancies  affordable to 60% of area median income. Vacancies Willing to Accept a Section 8 Voucher is pretty self explanatory, showing voucher-friendly vacancies for one- to three-bedroom units .

Wait Lists & Accessibility
Waiting List Openings shows the number of publicly advertised wait list opportunities. Rental listings for both graphs come directly from HousingLink's Housing Search service. Accessible Listings by Month shows those rental listings which include one or more accessibility features. Data is again drawn from HousingLink's Housing Search service.

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